St. Alphosa Palliative Care Unit

St. Alphosa Palliative Care Unit

St.Alphonsa Palliative Care Unit

The dream of I.H. M. Hospital to reach out to home bound patients becaome a reality when St. Alphosa Palliative Care Unit was inaugurated on 19th Jan.2009 by Rev.Dr. Joseph Thadathil, Rector of St. Alphonsa Shrine, Bharananganam.


Around fourty volunteers from Bharananganam and Aruvithura were given initial orientation and training in collaboration with Arogyakeralam, Kottayam Unit.

Volunteers and IHM team regularly visit patients in their vicinity.


You are invited to participate in this noble cause.


You can support us

  • .by your prayers,
  • .by becoming a volunteer
  • .by your financial contributions, however small it may be.



You can sponsor:

  • .treatment of  poor cancer / diabetic  / elderly patients
  • .nursing education of economically poor girls